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IOT Carbon

IOT Carbon, Inc.



Our Natural Charcoal Products for Your Sustainable Lifestyle


Mountains 3000 meters high and a bay 1000 meters deep surround the land of Toyama. In
recent years, Toyama has been called “Switzerland with an ocean.” This area is also home to IOT Carbon Inc. established in 2002. Our carbonizing furnace is Japan’s largest and produces high-performance charcoal by burning wood at temperatures of 800°C and higher.

We source raw materials for our charcoal from driftwood accumulated in dams, felled trees from gardens, and demolition timber such as pillars and beams. Trees in Japan grow abundantly because of a large amount of precipitation, and there are many wooden buildings and driftwood. Traditionally, driftwood and demolition materials are incinerated as waste, but we regard them as useful resources and have begun to effectively recycle unused timber ahead of other companies.

Charcoal is a porous material with many small holes. One handful of charcoal provides a
combined surface area equal to a soccer field. This wide area absorbs moisture and odor to exert high deodorizing and humidity control effects. Charcoal also absorbs gases that affect the human body, such as formaldehyde which causes sick building syndrome and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We are committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to the high absorbency of our charcoal products, we offer an invisible source of extra comfort and health in your home.

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