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Tosa Kumiko
Kumiko Zaiku - Wooden Lattices



Kumiko Zaiku
- Beauty from Light Woven with Space


Kumiko zaiku, the iconic wooden latticework found in traditional Japanese architecture, is said to have been created in the 17th century. The technique now exceeds 200 patterns and methods of construction. At Tosa Kumiko, we cut cedar or cypress into a thin plate, millimeters thick, to create regular patterns. Just as we weave the wood together, we must intertwine patience, precision, and craftsmanship.

The kumiko zaiku technique creates space from the expression of light and shadow. Looking at it, one can feel the transition of the four seasons. The structures may appear simple. However, the patterns and materials evoke attunement to our surrounding environment, and we feel the lasting Japanese aesthetic sense of space.

Tosa Kumiko develops products with innovative ideas so that they can be incorporated into the modern living space, whether Japanese or Western. We strive to perfect the level of our Kumiko craftsmanship and pass on its intricacy, delicacy, and beauty to future generations.

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