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Image by Mike C. Valdivia



TMT 2024 New York

May 18 ~ 23, 2024  New York


TMT is our direct sales strategy that visits architectural & interior design firms in affluent markets abroad.  After TMT Europe 2022 and TMT Asia 2023, we will visit New York City and present and discuss materials directly with creators. As a "Materials Concierge," we propose valuable materials that stimulate creators' sensibilities and are supported by a sense of beauty and quality unique to Japan. 


Along with the CEO of Vision Marketing, Taka Matsuura, some of our manufacturers will participate in the tour and bring curated samples for your review. These Japanese materials' unique textures, surfaces, and colors are admirable and captivating. Their technique and craftsmanship are truly exceptional.

If you would like us to visit your office, please email our sales and marketing associate, Julia Djaafar Okuyama, at

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