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e stonetech

Recycled Glass


The Glass Solution for Innovative Creators

Tochigi prefecture, the foundation of e-stonetech, is known for producing high-quality stones. In our earliest incarnation, our stone craft helped to develop the region. After nearly fifty years of working with stone, we started to apply our cutting and polishing techniques to glass. We now manufacture original made-to-order glass products and ornaments. 

E-stonetech specializes in large-scale product manufacturing. Our refined techniques allow us to carve precision objects from giant blocks of raw material. For example, we manufacture massive glass benches 70cm wide, 15cm thick, and 6m long.

Every year, dozens of enormous silica glass blocks (1.8m in diameter, 0.7m thick, and weighing 4.2 tons) are carried into our factory from a major supplier for the initial processing of the quartz glass sheets to be used for semiconductor manufacturing.

In addition to cutting and polishing glass, we also possess the technology to twist and bend heated glass. These techniques enable us to create large-scale glass products at the limit of designers’ imaginations.

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