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Okurayama Studio

Okurayama Studio



The Culture of Stone - Daté Kan Stone

At Okurayama Studio, founded in 1887, our highly skilled staff handles the entire process of quarrying, processing, and shaping our Daté Kan Stone, internationally renowned for its unique appearance. We deliver the strength and beauty of Daté Kan Stone to the world in a variety of forms. These include art pieces, architecture, products, and more, often collaborating with successful creators in various fields.

Daté Kan Stone is a kind of basalt/igneous rock, scientifically classified as two-pyroxene basaltic andesite, formed 20 million years ago. The most important characteristic of the stone is that the surface appearance is always unique. No two stones have the same colorings. Each stone’s surface is distinct from its insides. In contrast, the interior of the stone exhibits a uniform charcoal color that gradually becomes more rust-colored with age.

Our process takes us from the center of our mountain to the center of your perception. First, we
quarry from our own mountain. Then we perfect our pieces using traditional stonework
techniques. The culture of stone is thus transmitted to society, starting with our small group.


We would like to share the culture of stone with as many people as possible. The culture of stone reawakens our inherent awareness of the links between nature and humankind and offers an opportunity to share the perception that people had in ancient times.

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