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Maeda Tategu

Grid Cube





Maeda Kengu, the creator of GRID CUBES, was founded in the furniture town of Okawa, Fukuoka, Japan. They have been protected by their long history and the pride of their artisans with solid skills.


By using grids that transcend nationality and trends to build Kumiko, an ancient Japanese traditional technique, they have successfully created a borderless product suitable for Western spaces such as hotels, movie theaters, and galleries. It adds an artistic presence to architectural structures and rooms filled with particularity and thought.



Traditional yet Modern
The Grids Create the World of Infinite Beauty


When GRID CUBES spread three-dimensionally, various shapes, such as cubes, triangles, and rectangles, are created by developing squares in a reticulated and radial pattern. The motifs are simple, yet with the right angle of view and light, they show new expressions with various shadows and overlaps. 


The essential parts are 9mm square pieces of wood, and the thickness of the wood-to-wood joints is as thin as less than 1mm. Machines are used to notch the wood, but no nails are used, and the work of layering the wood is done by hand. It is breathtakingly delicate.

The endless masterpiece results from such a collection of meticulous skills.


The charm of the eco-friendly, natural wood is brought out by the handiwork of our outstanding artisans, and the unrivaled GRID CUBES are created. These products fascinate architects because they are gorgeous to look at and have supple strength by being assembled without nails.

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