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Okurayama Studio

Daté Kan Stone





Daté Kan Stone Stimulates the Sense of Beauty


At Okurayama Studio, our highly skilled staff handles quarrying, processing, and shaping our Daté Kan Stone, which is internationally renowned for its unique appearance.

We deliver the strength and beauty of Daté Kan Stone to the world in various forms, such as art pieces, construction, products, and other projects, while collaborating with successful creators in art, design, and architecture.


Daté Kan Stone is a kind of basalt/igneous rock known as two-pyroxene basaltic andesite that

was created around 20 million years ago. It has a dense grain and high specific gravity due to its

significant iron content, which makes it resistant to water and gives it a brilliant luster when polished.


The most important characteristic of the stone is that the surface appearance is always unique. In contrast, the stone's interior exhibits a uniform charcoal color that gradually becomes more rust-colored with age. The wholly unique form and appearance of Daté Kan Stone continue to fascinate architects, artists, and designers both within Japan and abroad.

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