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Koyo Ibushi


Carbon-Smoked Tiles



The Beautiful Luster of KOYO IBUSHI for
Carbon-Smoked Mosaic tiles

KOYO SEIGA, founded in 1923, is known for the outstanding quality of its ibushi-kawara smoked roof tiles. Koyo Ibushi™ is our line of ibushi-kawara materials used for applications other than roofs, such as wall coverings. Both ibushi-kawara and Koyo Ibushi™ employ the same traditional manufacturing methods by highly skilled artisans.


We fire the clay tiles at high temperatures, creating a carbon film on their surfaces. This strengthens their weather resistance, helping the wooden architecture beneath them withstand rain and snow for centuries. The carbon covering the surface of ibushi-kawara reflects light and produces a beautiful luster called ibushi-gin, smoked silver. The effect creates a uniquely Japanese beauty that no other building material can produce.


Koyo Ibushi™ is made from soil and carbon, environmentally safe materials, and will sustain its beautiful luster in your space, too, for many years to come.


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