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Chunichi Stained Art

Chunichi Stained Art Co., Ltd.



The One and Only “Art Glass” to the Creation of Rich Spaces


Transparent glass. Stained glass. Beautiful materials with infinite possibilities.
At Chunichi Stained Art, we bring these materials to a high artistic level. We call it “Art Glass.”

Our work is made possible by our accomplished in-house artists and unusual corporate
vision. We are able to make imagination into reality by integrating planning,
development, design, technical capability, and mobility.

Our rich sensibility brings understanding to the vision of clients with luxury hotels,
stores, public spaces, and private houses.

Advanced technology provides the foundation from design to product development,
through sample proposal and execution, producing the one and only “Art Glass.” Our
techniques take advantage of the unique properties of glass materials such as stained
glass, etching, laminated design glass, and foil glass.

As society matures, there is an increasing demand for spatial representations that seek
healing, relaxation, and peace of mind. Through the use of glass, a material that
embodies artistry, we will continue to contribute to the creation of rich spaces, using our
technical capability to always inspire new emotions.

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