There is a feeling of inspiration during the serendipitous moment you meet someone special. This is the atmosphere we work to evoke.

Here we are presenting unique and original materials reflecting Japanese aesthetics. They represent the true sense of beauty through the integrity of the craftsmanship, which is timeless, borderless, genderless and universal.


Japan’ s sensibility is defined by unity with its natural environment, nurtured by four temperate seasons and topography surrounded by the sea. In this blessed environment, various materials have been formed through a long history.

You will find your special one of a kind material created by those who have dedicated their time and effort to create something outstanding with their exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated technology.  The material will stimulate the five senses and will be utilized, decorated and alive by those with keen, artistic and creative eyes.

It is our pleasure to introduce one and only materials in a wide range of styles from traditional, rustic charm to contemporary for various applications in hotels, commercial facilities, and personal living spaces.


in harmony with your style 

photo: © Isao Hashinoki